Sissygasm (anal orgasm, NO HANDS) first experience ;)

Last night I experienced the most amazing thing … I came, without penile stimulation… I SISSYGASMED!!!

I got some new makeup for a trip my GF and I are taking where I will be spending the whole weekend dolled up ;) She wanted to do a practice run on a new look for me. After doing my makeup and hair (and occasionally teasing my sissyclitty) she was ready for bed. I (of course) was desperate to dress up… Black bra, panties, stockings, skirt, blouse and 6” heels completed my look.

By this time I was dying to cum! After removing my skirt and top I laid down on my back next to my GF on the bed. I slowly started rubbing my little clitty through my sheer panties… with only one finger along the underneath of my sissystick. I could feel my boipussy starting to twitch, desperate for something to be inside it! I worked my Aneros in and slowly let it start working my prostate.

In the meantime I moved my GF’s hand so it was cupping my balls and putting just a slight amount of pressure at the base of my clitty. After about 20 minutes I was punch drunk with lust and in need of COCK! I grabbed my (6” Doc Johnson UR3 Realistic) cock, removed the Aneros and started working in the cock.

As my boipussy loosened up I started working the cock, milking it, working it in and out, back and forth across my prostate. My little clitty laid there… soft. And that’s when it happened… I watched, wide eyed, in amazement! My clitty started SPURTING!!! WITHOUT being touched! Loads of clear cummies flowed and spit out of my sissystick… more than ever before and multiple times!!! The more I worked that cock up into my boipussy the more I spurted! The sensation was SOO F’in intense!!! I felt it throughout my whole body… waves of pleasure, pulsating through me and cummies that reminded me of when GF squirts from her pussy. Finally, after the biggest, longest, most mind shattering orgasm of my life I could only lay there… in awe, basking in the afterglow of my first sissygasm ;D

The experience was so hot, I quickly started tugging at my little clitty and in less then 30 seconds I spurted another glop of sissycream. I licked my hand clean of every last drop… it was divine!

I thought it was an un-obtainable goal to spurt my cream without touching my clitty. But, I did it!!! My only regret is that GF slept though it (and that I didn’t get it on vid!! ;) But, this weekend could be the perfect opportunity to try again. I hope I sissygasm while she’s pounding my ass with her strapon!!! (p.s. she’s the best GF ever ;)

I’ll keep y’all posted!


- J.